Broken Hands Media: Who We Are and What We Do (Late Summer, 2018.)

Broken Hands Media is a media cooperative based in Kansas City that began in support of the forthcoming scripted audio drama podcast Perdition's Teeth, which we started pre-production on in 2016, and which is finally becoming a real project in the very near future.

The production staff consists of:

  • Myself, Cameron L. Summers, the head writer.
  • Edgar Mason, the director and co-writer.
  • Alex Yoffie, the sound designer and composer.

Our regular cast consists of:

  • Joseph Burnett.
  • Dreary Sea.
  • Lindsay Weaver.

...with the generously donated time and effort of several friends, who will be credited on our Creative Partners page.

Since we committed to this project, our ambitions have grown.  We enjoy working together and many of us do several kinds of art.  Until now, we've been working isolated from one another, finding moments between shifts at work and the business of being alive in the futuristic-sounding year of 2018.  We want to put this podcast out, and it's one that we strongly believe in, but we're always thinking about the next one. 

We've been friends forever, and we want to continue making art together.

And so we will.

Watch this space or further updates.