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Resleeved: On the Occasion of Eclipse Phase 2E's release

This piece is going up late, as I injured my hand last night (ironic, I know.) This past summer, Edgar and I played in an Eclipse Phase game run by a friend who was in the process of moving out of the country. We had a great deal of fun, and in the last session, just as our characters were about to confront an enemy that we would be unable to defeat, and the game master stopped the game.

“Let’s step outside for a cigarette,” he said. “I’d rather hang out with you guys than run this encounter.”

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The Collapse of Possibility: The Problem of Aesthetics and Ontology in Science Fiction

But all of this is beside the point: the fact that we can pick out two dominant aesthetics in the visual media form of what is supposed to be a “literature of ideas” is a problem. It indicates, if anything, a lack of ideas. If our options are just a visual vocabulary iteration of the old Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate that no one but the people having it are interested in, we've got problems.

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