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Cameron Summers

Cameron Summers is a native of Kansas City, and has lived there his whole life, except for brief periods going to attending graduate school in New Mexico, where he received his MA in English, and Minnesota, where he dropped out of an MFA program.  He is the head writer and creator of Perdition's Teeth, which began as a tabletop roleplaying game setting in June of 2016.  In addition to this project, he is the author of The Behemoth and In Another Country, as well as a large amount of self-published short fiction.  He posts infrequently on Tumblr at

In Another Country e-book


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Edgar Mason

Edgar Mason is a writer and fiber artist. They come from Baltimore and south-central Pennsylvania, and currently live in Kansas City. Their work has appeared in Goblin Fruit, Bull Spec, and elsewhere. They can be reached at, and followed on Tumblr at

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Alex Yoffie

Composer and sound designer for Perdition's Teeth, Alex Yoffie also plays in Kansas City rock bands Martian Martian Martian and Killer City.




Lindsay Weaver

Lindsay Weaver is an actor and artist in Kansas City. She is a Nebraska native with a BFA in Theatre from Emporia State University, and has performed with many theatres across the Kansas City metro. She has also appeared in several films produced by IX Productions and has just finished filming on their latest feature-length comedy, "The Way It Goes." You can find her visual art and jewelry at her Etsy shop, CircaliaVisuals.


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Joseph Burnett

Kansas City native Joseph Burnett lends his voice to the project with an appreciation of radio.  Son  of Jay and Charlene Burnett, a retired radio man and nurse, his parents raised him and his 3 older brothers and 2 older sisters with a love of the arts.   Even though Joseph has a voice made for Ballet (Kansas City/Missouri Ballet The Nutcracker 1999-2001), he draws from  his musical theatre (Edinburgh Fringe Jesus Christ Super Star 2005) and love of his father's radio/auctioneer voice to capture this sound.

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Dreary C

Dreary C stars as Everett Arthur Kemp. Photographer, graphic artist, and cook, Dee's work has appeared in gallery collections 

Special Thanks

Thank you to everyone who contributed their voice and their energy to this project:

Erik Michael Pitcock

Al Burns

Britt Adair

Colin Fewell

Thomas Walden

Moe Barria

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates of all the incredible work that these artists are creating.