Perdition’s Teeth - Tabletop RPG Setting

The events of Perdition’s Teeth take place in a dark and dangerous alternate history of the Dust Bowl American Southwest. Everett, Seeger, and Ruth face many dangers on the endless highway - mad industrialists, violent cults, and the forces of Hell itself.

The townships and back roads that snake through the desert are filled with terrible dangers and opportunities for greatness. Perdition’s Teeth RPG uses the powerful and intuitive Powered by the Apocalypse system to bring the adventure to your gaming table.

This open beta is free to download, and all players and MC’s are invited to join the conversation on our Facebook page. Comments, criticism, legendary victories, and terrible defeats all are all welcome. Not the social media type? Let us know your thoughts via email.

Perdition’s Teeth is available on iTunes, or to stream here.