Broken Hands Media Flash Fiction Submission Guidelines

The Important Part

Broken Hands Media is open indefinitely to previously unpublished flash fiction submissions. For our purposes, “flash fiction” is defined as “1000 words or less, and not a work of nonfiction.” We accept as many as three fiction submissions from one author at a time, though please try to avoid simultaneous submissions to us and other outlets. We strive for turnaround times of less than one month. At this time, we can only offer an honorarium of $5 per story.

Submit all stories to Editor (at) or use our Contact form for questions.

What We’re Looking For

Genre fiction of almost any stripe will be considered, as will literary fiction, though it may be a harder sell -- we’re all nerds here. The editors have particular soft spots for science fiction and fantasy of the weirder varieties, non-Lovecraftian cosmic horror, historical fiction, and weirdo noir.

If you want to contribute a piece set in an extended version of the "Perdition's Teeth" universe, or one of our upcoming projects, please contact us first with your pitch for the piece, using the contact information listed above.

What We’re Not Looking For

Creative nonfiction, 1000 words of gratuitously violent or sexual fantasies (sex and violence are fine but neither is a story by itself), or polemic. Worth noting, too, that our flagship project is a podcast that repeatedly references burning down a house full of Klansman, and we all love Emma Goldman -- transparent sympathy for fascism will probably be rejected unread.

Formatting Notes

Please include your name, byline and contact info in the body of your submission. Please submit using .rtf, .doc, .docx, or similar; .pdf submissions will be deleted unread. Please also use a standard font in a readable size, which isn’t so much a dealbreaker as just polite. If in doubt, follow standard manuscript formatting and we’ll all do fine.