'Groundflower' - Alex Yoffie

‘Groundflower’ is an odd little tune that I wrote while experimenting with elements that would later form a big part of the music in ‘Perdition’s Teeth’, and songs like ‘Semisolid’. Originally intended to be the first of 3 songs for a never-completed EP project, the idea for the song started with just the repeating guitar line. I layered things on top of that until it filled out, then sanded it back down, built it back up again, and finally added the brief piano lead about halfway through to tie things together.

Production for ‘Perdition’s Teeth’ kicked into gear, and all my creative energy was occupied writing and recording for the show. The grind of producing constantly for so many weeks and months prevented me from working on anything else, but the time investment was absolutely worth it. ‘Groundflower’ is in many ways a little time capsule of where my head was at just before the podcast started. I had ideas I wanted to carry out but needed to stretch and grow creatively and technically in order to actually embody them into completed work.

I have one last song from this period that I’d like to share, sometime very soon.